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Brief :

Electricians play a critical role in building development and maintenance. They install and maintain electrical power systems, communication tools, and wiring in residences and businesses. While electrician is generally regarded as an admirable occupation, you have to weigh the pay and benefits against the dangerous attributes of the work.Electricians are responsible for testing, fitting and repairing wiring and circuits and installing new electrical infrastructures. An electrician is a tradesman responsible for the maintenance and installation of electrical wiring and related equipment. Electricians usually work in residential homes, public buildings or offices, ensuring that wires and circuits are safe, repairing faults in the electrics and installing new circuits after building work is complete.

Location of centers

  • Delhi : North West Delhi
  • Haryana : Faridabad
  • Rajesthan : Chittorgarh
  • Uttarkhand : Dehradun
  • Uttar Pradesh : Mainpuri, Hamirpur, Sonbhadra, Amedkar Ngar, and Farrukhabad

Qualifications Pack – Supervisor electrical works executive :

  • SUB-SECTOR: Real Estate and Infrastructure Construction

Brief Job Description:

This job role is responsible for planning and managing resources, monitor progress and quality of electrical works at construction sites. The individual coordinate among concerned authorities for completion of electrical works, carry out troubleshooting to the electrical installations as and when reqired, and keeps records of technical documents for future use.

Personal Attributes:

The job role requires the job holder to be well aware of the concepts, working principle and behaviors of electrical circuits in connections, equipments and machineries. Additionally the workman should know the statutory requirements applicable to LV electrical works, health, safety and environmental norms, specifications, relevant code of practices and organizational policies applicable at workplace. The individual should be able to calculate resource requirement, suggest required modifications in electrical installations, plan and organize activities to complete assigned tasks within defined timeline.

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