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ESSCI is focused on establishing an effective and efficient ecosystem for developing and imparting of outcome-oriented skills for the Electronics Systems, Design and Manufacturing (ESDM).

ESSCI is responsible for standardization, accreditation and certification processes in ESDM.

ESSCI’s target is to train 5,000 trainees in FY14, 20,000 by FY2015 & 2 million on cumulative basis by 2022.

ESSCI has trained 6,500 trainees in Employment Oriented Courses.

Location of centers

  • Delhi : North West Delhi
  • Haryana : Faridabad
  • Rajesthan : Chittorgarh
  • Uttarkhand : Dehradun
  • Uttar Pradesh : Mainpuri, Hamirpur, Sonbhadra, Amedkar Ngar, and Farrukhabad

Qualifications Pack- Machanical Filter :

  • SUB-SECTOR: Machanical Filter.
  • OCCUPATION: Installation.

Know all about Machanical Filter:

There are three categories of filtration: biological, chemical, and mechanical. Mechanical is generally the least often discussed, possibly because it's the most simple, and deemed less critical than the other types. However, mechanical filtration is an important part of the overall health and stability of your aquarium. Knowing the basics of mechanical filtration will help you avoid filtration problems in your aquarium, and understand how to deal with them if they should occur.

Brief Job Description:

Machanical Filter technician must be capable of installing various types of Machanical Filter home-based as per given instructions. The person should be able to identify faults in a Machanical Filter system and carry out repair at preliminary level in line with given performance parameters. The individual must adhere to all the relevant environmental, safety and regulatory requirements while carrying out his/her job duties. The individual must bear responsibility of own actions and ensure that work outcome meets laid down quality standards.

Accrediting Bodies:  Electronics Sector Skills Council of India

Certifying Bodies:  Electronics Sector Skills Council of India

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