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Why hear it from us when you can hear it directly from our students? Read on & find out more 


What our students say about us 


In a world of diminishing returns and squeezed budgets, I consider studying with ATM-GBS to be a pro-life investment. The MBA + PGPM programme enflames a deep desire to learn does the life experience.


I am very happy with the results I have achieved in my career, and would like to thank ATM-GBS for their well-organised and perfectly planned schedule. The college’s committed approach to maintaining high standards is matched by their remarkable abilities in facilitating a great learning environment.


In a growingly competitive and globalized job market, the International MBA + PGPM program at ATM-GBS provided me with an excellent set of tools and international mind-set to be successful. The program aims to bridge theory and practice through an international platform, enabling intercultural competence and vast exposure to the global business environment. I was able to significantly develop through well-rounded experiences and achieve my long and short-term objectives. I would definitely recommend this program to students seeking challenges and an opportunity to develop themselves in a world-class environment!


The knowledge and support from the staff is absolutely second to none; I have felt thoroughly supported from the first day. The staff takes time to answer questions and give their full attention when I have needed help. Receiving tailored support and feedback is important to ensure a student maximises their own potential, to which the staff on this course excel. Information and online books are easily made available due to cloud computing. So sitting anywhere in the wi-fi campus I can open my laptop and study any course subject with online courseware specially designed by the faculty. 


A home away from home 


The school encourages team work and the small, intimate classes give us the opportunity to get to know each other. Teachers are always engaged and are passionate about their field. They bring relevant materials to the class and challenge us every day.





Best choice made


ATM-GBS is the best choice I have made in my life. The MBA program of ATM-GBS is rigorous, interesting and challenging and gives a holistic perspective of our great country. I am sure strong foundation and intense learning at ATM-GBS will help me for the rest of my career.






Orientation is great 


The 15-day orientation classes were really great. They helped me realize my potential and set my career goals. I have also got the opportunity to interact and live with people from different parts of the country. It has been a great journey so far.






Has an understanding management 


I am very lucky to be studying at ATM-GBS. It has a beautiful environment and an understanding management. The faculty members are great and with their help and guidance I was able to get placed in a company TechSoft. ATM-GBS is truly a global school. The motivation and encouragement, which I received at ATM-GBS has made great contribution to my career. Its corporate relation cell has helped me a lot in mentoring my project, guiding my career, improving my management and communication skills.


Manish Tomar




Fantastic Experience 


My experience with ATM-GBS has been fantastic. It has been learning with fun and adventure all the way. The faculty members are young and lovely and this keeps us enthusiastic every second. We learnt to recognize value of time at ATM-GBS.






Lucky to be here 


I am lucky to be here. From receptionist to Director, everyone knows my name and welcomes me with a smile. Others hear about wonderful schools, here I am experiencing it every day. The rainbow of wisdom showered upon me has been unlike anything I have ever known. ATM-GBS helped me chart my road map.


Abhishek Nagpal




ATM-GBS is Wonderful 


Too much of ATM-GBS proved exquisitely and exceptionally wonderful for me. At ATM-GBS, I felt like creative liberated. This college protected the flickers of curiosity, enthusiasm, and inventiveness and never smothered them in the eagerness to teach or to impress. I as a student was always challenged to go beyond my boundaries each time to establish a new milestone in the timeline of my career.


Ankita Nigam




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