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Mentorship Programme


Mentor Someone whose hindsight can become your foresight

The mentorship program offers students the opportunity to learn about the way business is practiced today, under the guidance of top executives. The program is a partnership between ATM-GBS & a few business houses. It is based on the mutual interest in developing talents and abilities of our current student managers-The leaders of the future.

Every student after first year is sent to the industry & is adopted by top management of the corporate world. The student has to visit the Industry Mentor for guidance & report on his progress at least once every fort night to enable him to understand the dynamics of organizations. The students do the project, assigned by that industry under the guidance of the mentor. This gives students confidence and understanding about the organizations. Mentors constantly evaluate student performances and guide them to perform better. Many a time students who perform well are placed in industries under their mentors who ultimately act as their god father.

Student to Empowered Professional (S.T.E.P.) is an online mentoring program where mentees and mentors communicate to address a short- or long-term goal via e-mail, Skype, phone, text, or Facebook. Mentees and mentors have the option of making arrangements to meet face-to-face.

Connects self-motivated students with experienced mentors in a meaningful way. One-to-one mentoring relationships. Supports mentoring relationships through guided learning experiences. Provides online resources for all students and mentors seeking tools, information and inspiration.

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