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Live Case Studies & Live Projects


Building Students Consulting Capabilities.

“Live Case Studies” and “Live Projects” of ATM-GBS are key elements imbibed in every programme under which a group of students form a syndicate and provide consulting services to real companies by applying their newly acquired skills and use their expertise for the benefit of the company.


Live case studies dealing with successful companies winning strategies are discussed. Planning new ventures, expansion and growth related strategies, SWOT analysis, new market and product analysis are done and then reports are made and presentations are discussed. Sometimes students are assigned to companies where a study is conducted. Each Syndicate is formed on the basis of area of specialization to produce a report for these companies and present their findings to the management of the company after a thorough practical research study by understanding the real life problems. Case Study reports and presentations are critiqued and assessed by a panel of business leaders.


The benefits that students gain through this syndicate ship are:-
(A) To develop team and individual consulting skills.
(B) Application of business knowledge in a real-world situation.
(C) Adding value to the local business community.
(D) Building the foundation of best practices and learning.
(E) Getting live first hand experience in their area of specialization.

In student consulting projects, a group of students act as consultant to solve real-time business problems in an organization. Unlike in internships, students in consulting projects are required to have good business acumen and skills in consulting, analytical and research skills. Students work together for about 8-10 weeks in the second semester that culminates in a final presentation. It's the best c redent ial a s tudent seek ing employment can have.


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