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Digital Marketing

Almost overnight the internet's gone from a technical wonder to a business must


Net Savy students and companies are using every bit of the internet to optimize on costs, time, speed and above all conveniently access the internet any time. With Lady time moving fast, corporate rat race and a whole lot of stress related issues by moving on the fast track, digital marketing has bought in some respite. The dawn of digital marketing has transformed marketing. As consumers shift online, marketers are faced with new challenges and opportunities.


ATM-GBS understands that the digital age has completely transformed Marketing. Digital Marketing trends are rewriting the way companies do business and there is huge shortage of digital marketing professionals. ATM-GBS has designed its marketing program to address this gap by equipping professionals with the necessary Digital skills through Synchronized Digital Learning Technology (SDLT).


Digital Marketing Programme covers. Introduction to Digital Marketing Pay per Click Email Marketing Social Media Marketing Digital Display Marketing Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Optimization On successful completion of the course the students will get certificate in Digital Marketing.

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