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Why ATM-GBS ?   The Key  Differentiator  – 1


ACE Advance Communication for Employment & Personality Development Programmes.


The process of education needs to be reorganized and reformed to see that the product it generates is of value. This can be achieved by developing adequate and meaningful life-enhancing skills that transform the scholar into a vibrant and complete personality having depth of wisdom.


Soft skill development is an integral part of every professional programme and acts as the life support system of an organization. Pleasant, well mannered & knowledgeable students are easily employable in companies of repute. It is well recognized that functional efficiency of an organization is influenced by human personality and human personality can be positively modified through training and programmes to remove barriers or obstructions in the expression of an individual . English being the global language, a good grasp of this language ensures growth and escalation in the organizational hierarchy. ACE (Advance Communication for Employment) has modules such as language proficiency, vocabulary, soft skills, business etiquettes, interviewing skills and public speaking which are necessary for freshers. It is mandatory for all students enrolled in Degree programmes to undergo ACE

The limits of my language are the limits of my world.

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