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De Bono Universal Professional Excellence
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Program Overview:

One year executive education Program for Teachers, Entrepreneurs and Professionals associated with work-area improvements and innovation. The course will comprise a total of 186 hrs of world-class instructions based on Dr Edward de Bono’s Thinking tools spread over eight months and four months of project semester and assessment of the project leading to final global certification of dBUPE from de Bono Education, UK.

Program USP & Features
  • World’s best skills for Thinking & Creativity – First of its kind High Impact Skills-Course in India
  • Certified International industry-academe experienced Faculty led by master trainer Edward de Bono
  • Edward de Bono reviewed Courseware – 40 years of tried, tested and trusted de Bono skills based effective education
  • Instructional Sessions include Practice Situations
  • Opportunity to profit with simple Skills
  • Annual de Bono Education Convocation meet
  • Globally revered de Bono Certification
  • High function-cost ratio outcome – Application-driven education for enhanced returns for enterprise and its participants
  • Individual Certifications on completion of each of the course modules in addition to dBUPE
  • Learning by doing at work-places

Program Benefits
  • Most effective skills for Thinking & Creativity
  • Error Control through Perception Correction
  • Objective and Analytical Assessment
  • Non-argumentative and non-adversarial Approaches
  • Decisions – Change, Problem-solving, Business, etc.
  • Judicious Proposal Laying
  • Profit –Productivity-Performance’ value continuity
  • Trained Mind for Professional Excellence
Schedule & Duration:

  • Classes will be conducted twice weekly
  • One Year
Who Should Attend:
  • Teachers and Education Professionals
  • Design and Creative Professionals (Product Design, Media & Entertainment design, Marketing Communications, etc)
  • Retail and FMCG Professionals
  • IT and Software Development Professionals
  • Banking, Finance & Insurance Professionals
  • Professionals in the Manufacturing industry
  • Services Professionals
  • Post-Secondary qualifications and work experience desired.
Program Fees:
  For Indian Students
Application Fee Rs.2000
Program Fee Rs.100000
Registration Fee Rs. 2500/-
Campus Fee
Total Fee Rs. 125000+ Rs. 21,500
  • Books/Study Materials Fee: Rs. 9000 - To be paid in the name of FyneCube Learning (P) Limited
  • Project Assessment & Final Certification Fee: Rs.12500 - To be paid in the name of FyneCube Learning (P) Limited Applicable Taxes if any will be additional and will be chargeable to student.
Installment Details:

Installment Date Amount INR Amount USD
Rs. 32500 + Rs. 3000
Rs.40000 + Rs. 3000
Rs.30000+ Rs. 15500
Program Details:

The program is structured into 3 levels, each with a unique goal. Students would need to undertake all the 3 levels along with the end term Project and complete all assessments & other requirements to accomplish the prestigious de Bono Universal Professional Excellence certification.

Level 1: de Bono Mature- Thought Leader
  • Goal: Objective Analytical Thinking Spread over 2 months, this module discovers Effective Thinking Skills by practicing the proven de Bono’s Scientific Thinking Methods and thereby broaden the accommodation of Objective Analytical Thoughts using the SIX FRAME methodology and CoRT –Breadth Tools that gives a holistic approach to Thought Leadership Processes.
  • Philosophy of Thinking : Historical & de Bono Methods [ Similarities & Specialties ]
  • Cognitive Research Trust - Thinking Tools : Work-area related Context
  • 1.PMI - Plus, Minus, Interesting
  • 2.CAF - Consider All Factors
  • 3.AGO - Aims, Goals & Objectives
  • 4.FIP - First Important Priorities
  • 5.APC - Alternatives, Possibilities & Choices
  • 6.OPV - Other People’s Views
  • Introduction to GREEN, LEAN, CLEAN Thinking [ Fyne Cube Frame ]
  • 1.SIX FRAMES : Work-area related context
  • 2.Triangle Frame - Purpose
  • 3.Circle Frame - Accuracy
  • 4.Square Frame - Point of View
  • 5.Heart Frame - Interest
  • 6.Diamond Frame - Value
  • 7.Slab Frame - Outcome
  • FYNE CUBE Frame of Seeing, Exploring and Judging
  • Alignment with Self, Enterprise & Society

Level 2: de Bono Mature: Creativity Leader
  • Goal: Alternative Approaches to Problem Solving / Goal Compliance In this module, participants show evidence of Voluntary Creative Thinking by way of their release from Imprisoning Ideas, Challenging the prevailing Concepts, Provocation of New Ideas, etc. Out of the box thinking using de Bono’s pioneering technique of Lateral Thinking. Globally acclaimed SIX HAT and CoRT-4 Creativity tools help to obtain a macro view on possible solutions and their evaluation to arrive at an appropriate optimal solution for exemplary problem-solving and/or Goal Compliance. The module is spread over 3 months.
  • Cognitive Research Trust - Creativity Tools : Work-area situations
  • 1.Yes, No & PO
  • 2.Stepping Stone
  • 3.Random Input
  • 4.Concept Challenge
  • 5.Dominant Idea
  • 6.Problem Definition
  • 7.Fault Removal
  • FYNE CUBE Framework - Family, You, Nation & Earth
  • Introduction to Lateral Thinking techniques of Dr Edward de Bono
  • SIX Thinking HATS : Work-area situations
  • 1.WHITE Hat - Facts, Figures & Frames
  • 2.RED Hat - Emotions & Intuition
  • 3.GREEN Hat - Creative Spectrum
  • 4.YELLOW Hat - Positive & Constructive
  • 5.BLACK Hat - Caution & Criticisms
  • 6.BLUE Hat - Focus & Control

Level 3: de Bono Mature- Innovation Leader
  • Goal: Design the way Forward – Enhancing Values Spread over 3 months, this module is enables participants to build upon the latent ability to design the way forward using the skills of Parallel Thinking. Design for value using SIX VALUE MEDALS and germinate innovative mechanisms using taught concepts of - Order in Chaos, Balancing Exploration & Judgments, Design & Analysis, Change & Stability, Complexity & Simplicity, H+ Factors, etc. Evidence visible in form of achieved Work-Area Improvement through design and innovation.
  • Six Value Medals: ‘Work-area improvement’ Value Engineering
  • 1.Steel Medal
  • 2.Gold Medal
  • 3.Silver Medal
  • 4.Brass Medal
  • 5.Wood Medal
  • 6.Glass Medal
  • Thinking Methods : Adequacy Challenge
  • Water Logic & Parallel Thinking
  • Myth of Intellectualism, Complexity & Simplicity
  • Fyne Cube Design Framework - Self, Enterprise & Society
  • H+ Factor
Learning Experience:
  • Shift from traditional thinking to design thinking that is more positive, creative and constructive
  • Design to deliver measurable results for greater good which are high on simplicity, productivity and performance
  • Deliberate movements from ‘what-is’ positions to ‘what-can-be’ propositions
  • Value generation becomes the only constant in the change
Program Directors:

On successful completion of the program, participants will be honored with the prestigious “de Bono Universal Professional Excellence” certificate, issued by de Bono Education, UK.

de Bono Education, UK will provide dBUPE Alumni status to all successful participants.
To Apply: Please call or mail at or
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