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Senior Management Program
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Program Overview

This Program will focus on business areas of critical importance to top and senior management. The areas addressed will include: transformational leadership, winning the global war for talent, creating global brands, becoming a successful global competitor, strategic finance, core competencies and strategic innovation, winning through cost-effective service excellence, global operations and supply chain management, cross-cultural management and customer-centric organizations. The Senior Management Program – for Global Leadership will be a challenging and energizing learning experience. It will transform the performance of both the participants who attend and the organizations they represent.

The Program prepares them to successfully address the diverse challenges facing top executives in today's dynamic global marketplace. Participants will immerse themselves in a curriculum that examines the economic, political, social, and ethical demands of top leadership. The Program will bring our unique corporate-academic partnership of world-renowned faculty and business leaders, drawn from our unprecedented international corporate and academic network, to our classrooms. The teaching methods deliberately encourage debate, discussion and information sharing. The participant will learn not only from the faculty but also from frequent formal and informal discussions with their peers.
Program Benefits

Attending the Senior Management Program will enable the participant to:
  • Learn both, within the environment of a fast growing, emerging economy, and from the world’s most influential, globalized country
  • Gain exposure to the latest thinking and experiences of internationally known academics, an outstanding peer network and invited business leaders
  • Understand more about yourself, your leadership characteristics, and competencies
  • Reflect on your business and its activities, and your career as a business leader
  • Be better equipped for the challenges ahead in the highly competitive global business environment.
Schedule & Duration:

  • Monday and Tuesday - 06.30 pm onwards.
  • 1 year
Who Should Attend

Senior Executives with at least 10 years of management experience, who are in positions with decision-making power and strategic responsibility. International in focus, the Program will be of particular interest to participants from Indian companies and foreign multinationals operating in India & UAE.

Graduates in any discipline and at least 10 years of work experience.
Program Fees:
  For Indian Students For International Students
Application Fee Rs. 2000 USD 100
Program Fee Rs. 220000 USD 11000
Registration Fee Rs. 5500 USD 550
Campus Fee Rs.30,000/- Rs.30,000/-
Total Fee
Campus Fees (inclusive of Boarding and Lodging) and Books and Materials Fees is payable by student directly to “Indian Institute of Management Lucknow(Noida Campus)”
  • Campus Visit Fees is additional and payable directly to IIM Lucknow(Noida Campus).
  • Registration Fees to be charged extra along with installment.
  • Initial Payment of Rs. 45000 (or USD 2000), paid at the time of application, will be refunded completely if the applicant is not selected by the institute. This does not include the non refundable application amount of Rs. 2000/- (or USD 100).
  • Campus Fee of Rs. 30000 to be paid with Ist Installment .
Installment Details:

Installment Date Amount INR Amount USD
I 2010-11-25 Rs. 2000 + Rs. 45,000
II 2011-05-15 Rs. 60500
III 2011-08-15 Rs 60000
IV 2011-11-15 Rs 60000
Program Details:

Indicative Course Content

The Senior Management Program engages senior executives on strategic issues critical to the success of global enterprises, as well as enterprises aspiring to become global. The Program begins by offering a capabilities view of strategy, highlighting issues such as strategic alignment, innovation and sustainable competitive advantage. Specific themes relevant to any organization aiming to compete and be successful on a global stage are addressed, such as how to win the war for talent; how to create and sustain global brands; how to employ finance tools for strategic advantage; and how to address the dilemmas of being a global competitor, such as balancing global integration with local customization.
Finally, the above challenges can only be addressed through effective leadership. The Program concludes with an in-depth look at the nature and role of transformational leadership. The second phase of the Program will cover issues related to global operations and supply chain management, cross-cultural negotiation and customer – focused organizations. This flagship Program combines challenging and engaging content that directly addresses participants’ challenges, together with world-class faculty and exceptional facilities.
Core Competencies, Strategic Alignment, and Innovation
  • Strategic thinking through a competencies lens
  • Types of core competencies
  • Changing the rules of the game - growth through strategic innovation
  • Strategic alignments and misalignments
  • How to achieve sustainable competitive advantage

Winning the Global War for Talent
  • People as the most valuable resource of organizations
  • Aligning people to strategy
  • Getting extraordinary results from ordinary people
  • Selecting, developing and retaining the best talent
  • Leadership as starting point for performance
  • Creating Global Brands
  • What is a brand? Identity, experience, personality
  • Brands as lifeblood of international competitiveness
  • Brands as the face of customer-focused organizations
  • Challenges in moving from regional to global brands
  • Building and sustaining brand strength in overcrowded markets

Strategic Finance
  • Finance in context: Aligning finance to strategy
  • Finance tools and frameworks for global leaders
  • Benchmarking against your competitors
  • Creating value through application of Strategic Finance thinking
  • Selecting among competing financing options
Becoming a Successful Global Competitor
  • Macro-trends affecting local and global companies
  • Strategies for internationalization
  • Selecting among competing options of international markets
  • Organizational dilemmas: Balancing global integration with local customization
  • Key competencies of successful global competitors

Transformational Leadership
  • Management vs. Leadership
  • What is transformational leadership?
  • The make-up of effective leaders
  • Values-based leadership
  • The global dimension of leadership
Cross-Cultural Issues
  • Manage cross-cultural relations
  • Negotiate a successful international venture
  • Consider international and cultural differences
  • Understand how cultural differences influence the success of new products and services
Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • A framework for global operations, supply chain strategy & structure
  • Managing inventory & uncertainty across the global supply chain
  • Sourcing strategies
Customer Focused Organization
  • Creating a customer-centric organization
  • Creating winning value proposition
  • Managing brands and customer experiences
Learning Experience:

The Program is especially designed to focus on the issues of key concern to those at or near the top of their organizations. It deals with:
  • How to effectively lead organizations in the 21st century
  • How to capture and sustain value from global markets
  • How to implement strategy and engage the organization in change
  • How to create stakeholder value and ensure sustained financial performance
  • It aims to transform the performance of the participants who attend and the organizations they represent
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