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ATM-GBS is committed to its values of educating and grooming individuals ready to contribute in making the Society better off and to carry this value each stakeholders of ATM-GBS must have these certain values that ATM GBS stands for. By undertaking to abide by these values, everyone at ATM-GBS will contribute to creating a favorable environment in which ATM-GBS’s mission can be accomplished. 

Some of Our Values are envisaged in the following points:


Student-Centric Approach
Students are the primary focus at ATM-GBS, and therefore, ATM-GBS shall organize itself around students. Anyone associated with ATM-GBS shall refrain from doing anything that would not be in the interest of the students. ATM-GBS shall empower students by encouraging self-governance and student-led learning.
The R & D advisory board consists of thought leaders, well known bureaucrats, successful IAS toppers, leading business personalities and corporate professionals to plan and deliver the best input according to the changing patterns of examinations and growing needs of students. To keep pace with a fast moving lifestyle, Chronicle has come up with online tutorials and digital learning to reach out to more aspirants.

·         ATM-GBS shall support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights in its circle of influence.

·         ATM-GBS shall uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining. 

·         ATM-GBS shall support all precautionary approaches to environmental challenges. 

·         ATM-GBS shall encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.


·         ATM-GBS shall fight against all forms of corruption.

ATM-GBS empowers students by encouraging self-governance and student-led learning.
Focus On Value Creation for Stackholders
To exist and to continue to develop, the ATM-GBS should create value:
·         For the students by preparing them to become best-in-class professionals. 
·         For the corporate clients not only by providing skillful knowledge workers but also by providing innovative solutions enabling its clients to acquire distinctive competencies. 

·         For the employees by giving them a fulfilling careers and creating stress-free working environment.

·        For the city and the region by participating in constructive social activities and participating in the economic development of the region.


Focus on Transparency
ATM-GBS shall remain transparent in its operations and shall operate on the premise of honesty and integrity. Students shall have access to their records, grade reports and other academic procedures. No employee may accept remuneration, gifts or other benefits from a client, student or supplier, neither may they offer them. Only gifts or benefits in kind of low value in compliance with commercial practices and rules of good relations, and not contrary to the law or to the regulations, may be accepted. 
Commitment To Quality

So, as to accomplish our mission, ATM-GBS shall use the best service providers. Each employee must demand quality from our suppliers. It is, of course, forbidden for any employee to negotiate any secret agreements with a supplier outside the official contract.



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