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Knowledge Bank

ATM-GBS library is the quintessential place for gaining knowledge and information. It is a very important aspect in the learning and teaching process of our students and faculty. ATM-GBS library is designed to support the curriculum of various programs offered by the institute.

ATM-GBS library is air-conditioned, comfortable and extensive, therefore enables students and faculty members to spend ample time reading and referring to books of their interest. The library is a reservoir of knowledge having a wide collection of books, journals, and magazines on varied subjects like HR, Marketing, I.T., Law, Economics, Financial Management and many

other important and relevant areas of study. The library has a stock of books by Indian as well as foreign authors along with subscriptions to various national and international magazines, journals & periodicals of world repute.

There exists a large number of reference books that are a must for students to supplement the concepts in their curriculum. This helps in the process of education with excellence. In addition to this the library has an exclusive collection of CD-ROMS and Video Cassettes. The library functions to work as a complete resource of knowledge and provides facility of using laptops and personal computers. At ATM-GBS we aim at inculcating not only the habit of reading but also a never ending thirst for knowledge.

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